I want to be a Sankofa Ancestor. The kind who points you back to the past while asking you to keep moving forward.


Silver Spring MD

One that makes people appreciate the sacrifices that those that came before us made


Richmond Va

One who passes down love and respect for our brothers and sisters who follow us on this journey and an understanding of those who travelled this path before them.


Baltimore, MD

One that bridges the gap.  Connecting communities to their cultural past in a way that effects the generations that follows us in a positive and proactive manner.


Columbus, GA

I want to be that ancestor that my future family can brag about. They are able to let it be known that I did have faults but also explain I owned up to them and became a better person.


Newport News, VA

Open-minded, forever learning, always willing to share and teach others.


Fort Smith, AR

One that looks at an individual not a type or race or station.  Be open to communicate and listen.  Build programs that start conversations but not tell people how to think or perceive for that comes from their experience


Williamsburg, VA

I hope to be an honorable and upright example for those that come after me.


Silver Spring MD

I want to be an ancestor that tells the whole truth and empowers others to proudly tell their whole truth.


Van Buren, AR

Honorable, open-minded, kind and forgiving.


Barling, AR

I want to be the type of ancestor who encourages people to seek understanding and common ground. I want to hear, and tell, good stories that stand the test of time - stories that bring in multiple perspectives and promote empathy.


Boston, MA

I respect the values and beliefs of those from the past, present, and future. It shapes the history from finding the roots to planting new seeds.


Owatonna MN

I want to be the kind of ancestor that when a future descent looks at me or hears about me, they give a smile and warm pride spreads through their chest.


Ann Arbor, MI

One that shows love and compassion for everything that the Creator has put on Mother Earth.


Aitkin, MN

I want be an ancestor who helps to bring about a world where everyone is valued for who they are and not judged by their skin color, gender, or how much money they have.


I want to be an ancestor who is honored for patience, compassion, wisdom and kindness. One who inspires others to do and be their very best!


Newport News, VA

Someone who continually tried to improve herself in ways that would leave a positive impact on humanity.


Minneapolis, MN

I want to be the kind of ancestor who champions instead of deriding,
engages without condescending, makes decisions without allowing preconceived notions to alter my profound love for people, teaches but never stops learning, and doesn’t let bias divert my focus from what is good and fair and right. I want to be the kind of ancestor who stands on the right side of history.


Miami, FL

I would like to be the kind of ancestor who empowers others to believe that their success should never be defined by anyone else’s failure or exclusion. There can be enough love and prosperity for them AND their neighbor.


Nevada, MO

I want to be remembered as one rooted in the knowledge that Jesus died for him — everything I do reflects that and is a response to that. Rom. 7:18, Eph. 2:8 I have ancestors-in-faith who knew and did the same. Heb. 13:7 This is why History is the story of what’s possible.


Castroville, TX

one who helped lift us all closer to that Arc of Justice and peace.


Richmond, VA

Someone that makes a difference


Williamsburg, VA

I want to be the ancestor that is known for helping homelessness issues and helping children feel safe and loved, like they are recognized and cared for and about.  I want to know I made a difference in this world to make sure we are not in this continually divided and often isolated sense of existing.  


Mankato, MN

One who stays in one place and hands down roots to my children.


River Falls, WI

The kind of ancestor who never forgets the fight of those who came before me and continues to fight for the descendants who will follow.


Williamsburg, VA

My hope is that it may be said of me that she always put her trust in people, through good and bad, and never regretted it.  My hope is to pass down the power of listening.


Fishers, IN

One that is known for standing up for what's right regardless of public opinion. One that is a fighter but know what battles to pick. One that my kid's kids kids can say, "I want to be just like Nana when I get older."


Columbus OH

I want to be an Activist and a Nurturing ancestor


Huntsville, AL

I want to be a kind connector, someone who connects the past to today to a kinder tomorrow.


Chula Vists, CA

What  Kind  Of  ancestor  will  you  be?

What  Kind  Of  ancestor  will  you  be?

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